Results of the Members Meeting Am-Am at Scarborough South Cliff

See the results below for the ERUGC Members Am-Am at Scarborough South Cliff on 28th June 2018. Well done to the winning team from Cave Castle and Hessle with 89 points!

Pos. Names (Club) Score
1st M. Pritchard, S. Plunkett, M. Plunkett, J. Baron (Cave Castle & Hessle) 89 pts (Back 6)
2nd P. Dawson, R. Patrick, S. Bielby, R. Baron (Cottingham) 89 pts
3rd S. Kelly, S. Corbett, K. Hilton, S. Burn (Cottingham) 88 pts (Back 6)
4th S. Fulstow, J. Brown, S. Holliday, V. Mysko (Cottingham) 88 pts
5th S. Tarran, C. McNish, S. Wilcocks, B. Southerington (Cottingham) 87 pts
6th P. Gregory, A. Delgaty, P. Nicholson, S. Delgaty (Brough) 86 pts (Back 9)