Competition Rules


Below are the General Rules governing all Union competitions (hereafter referred to as “events”), except where otherwise provided for in the Specific Rules of an event, which can be found under the relevant event.

1. Rules of Play

All events shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by R&A Rules Limited and the bylaws and any local rules of any host Club upon whose course any event is played, so far as they are approved by the Executive Committee.

2. Eligibility for Events

For players to participate in events, except where otherwise provided, a player must:

(i) Be of amateur status as defined by R&A Rules Limited
(ii) Be a member of a Club affiliated to the Union and must not have represented any other District Union of Yorkshire or any County Union other than the Yorkshire Union in the year of the event.
(iii) Conform to the Handicap Index and age limits, which are included in the Specific Rules for events.

A player may not represent more than one Club in any specific event but otherwise may represent more than one Club in different events during the season.

3. Fees and Entries

Entries for team championships, leagues and the Millennium Trophy should be made by the member Club. Entries for individual championships and Members' Meetings may be made by the Club or by the individuals themselves.

All entries must be on entry forms provided by the Union or by such other means that the Executive Committee may from time to time specify. All entry fees should be paid to the Union at the time of entry and before the closing date.Any necessary refunds will be made to the Club or individual who submitted the relevant entry as soon as is practicable.

All entries shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee, which reserves the right to refuse any entry

4. Starting Times

Times of the official draw for all championships and other competitions will be circulated to all Clubs. It is the player's responsibility to determine his starting time.

5. Format and Completion of Events

In order to facilitate the staging of a championship, the Executive Committee may vary the format of an event by playing the first and second rounds on different dates and / or at different venues and / or setting a cut on the number of players progressing from the first to the second round.

If it becomes impossible to complete an event in accordance with the Specific Rules thereof because of adverse weather conditions or other circumstances, which in the opinion of the Executive Committee, acting by its representatives present at the event, make it impossible or impracticable to do so, the said Committee, acting by its representatives present at the event, shall be empowered to vary such Specific Rules to the extent necessary to achieve a result within the time available. The Executive Committee's decision hereunder shall be final.

6. Tied Events

(i) A tie for first place in all championship strokeplay competitions, other than the Team Championship and the Junior Club Team Championship, shall be decided by a play-off over a set number of holes predetermined by the Executive Committee, acting by its representatives present at the event. If after those holes, players are still tied, then the winner shall be decided by sudden death, playing the same sequence of holes again until a winner is found. In the case of bad light or poor weather conditions causing difficulties, the Executive Committee will arrange an alternative time and date for the play-off over 18 holes.

(ii) All ties in non-championship strokeplay and handicap competitions and for minor placings in all events, shall be decided in accordance with the Rules of Golf – Committee Procedures Section 5A Paragraph 6 “Matching Scorecards (also known as Scorecard Count-Back)”. If there is still a tie then the result shall be decided by the Executive Committee acting by its representative present at the event.

7. Disputes and Penalties

Disputes at an event, shall be resolved by the Executive Committee, either by its representatives present at the event, or, where no representatives are present at the event, by adjudication by not less than two members of the Committee. The decision of the Executive Committee and any penalty for a breach of the General or Specific Rules of an event, arising from a dispute or otherwise shall be final.

8. Use of Motorised Ride-on Buggies

Competitors will not be permitted to use motorised ride-on buggies The penalty for breach of this prohibition is disqualification. However, following prior production to the Secretary of the championship or league of a medical certificate of disability and subject to the agreement of the host Club. A motorised ride-on buggy for the exclusive use only of the person named on the certificate may be permitted.

Motorised ride-on buggies are allowed for Associate Members Meetings.

Members using such buggies must ensure they are covered by the necessary insurance.

9. Ball Lost or Out of Bounds

In all events when a ball is lost or out of bounds, a player must take stroke and distance relief, subject to the exceptions under Rule of Golf 18.2b and any local rule giving alternative relief shall not apply.

Rules and Conditions of Sundry Events and Awards

Rex Warren Medal

This competition is an 18 hole stableford competition with a Handicap Allowance of 95% of the player's Course Handicap.

The competition is open to all Past Presidents and members of the current Executive Committee.

The event shall be held annually and the winner shall hold the Medal for one year.

The Players, Executive & Past Presidents Match

This is an annual match when members of the current Union Team are paired with current Executive Committee Members and Past Presidents and are organised into teams.

This is the closing event of the year and is played on the retiring President's home course.

The event will be organised according to the wishes of the incumbent President.

Team and Junior Team Salvers

Points will be awarded to all players who play for the Union teams and shall be determined according to the number of appearances and the performances of the individual players during each playing season.

Points shall be awarded as follows:

1 point for each appearance in a Union match
1 point for each half in a foursomes game
2 points for each win in a foursomes game
2 points for each half in a singles game
4 points for each win in a singles game
1 point for playing in the Yorkshire Inter-District Union Team Championship

The winning player shall hold the Salver for one year. In the event of a tie, the winning players shall hold the Salver for an equal part of that year.