The Tee Times for the Boys Championship have been drawn!

See below for the start times for all players entering the Boys' Championship at Scarborough North Cliff on Friday 5th August:

Tee Times Player Club
8:30 & 13:20  J. Allenby Hessle
M. Raybould Bridlington
M. Patterson Scarborough NC
8:40 & 13:30 M. Jessop Cottingham
T. Duck Scarborough NC
B. Ratcliffe Hull
8:50 & 13:40 J. Bancroft Boothferry
B. Wright Bridlington
L. Hunt Burstwick
9:00 & 13:50 J. Halfrod Cottingham Parks
J. Maxey Burstwick
J. Tarbotton Hull
9:10 & 14:00 H. Howarth Bridlington
J. Grainger Cottingham Parks
L. Tarbotton Hull
9:20 & 14:10 M. Atkinson Bridlington
G. Bell Scarborough NC
D. Swales Cottingham PArks
9:30 & 14:20 O. Beckett Bridlington
K. Steventon Brough
M. Walker Scarborough NC
9:40 & 14:30 T. Benson Scarborough NC
A. Tidder Burstwick
J. Hodgson Hull
9:50 & 14:20 E. Howard Brough
B. Marshall Bridlington
M. Masucci Scarborough NC
10:00 & 14:50 M. Collins Bridlington
W. Marshall Hornsea
L. Ingram Burstwick
10:10 & 15:00 A. Anderson Hornsea
T. Thornton Bridlington
10:20 & 15:10 H. Anderson Hornsea
H. Brompton Bridlington