Results of the Members Meeting Am-Am at Hornsea Golf Club

See the results below for the ERUGC Members Am-Am at Hornsea Golf Club on 26th July 2018. Well done to the winning team from Driffield with 48 points!

Pos. Names (Club) Score
1st R Patrick & L Roberts (Driffield) 48 pts - BB9
2nd J Backhouse & S Watt (Brough) 48 pts - BB9
3rd T Hemingway & J Bell (Cave Castle) 48 pts
4th P Mounfield & P Duckworth (Driffield) 46 pts - BB6
5th K Fitzsimons & M Jelic (Ganstead Park) 46 pts - BB9
6th C Fetchea & L Fratson (Driffield) 46 pts
7th A Pearson & T Clappison (Hornsea) 45 pts

Thank you to all that played, we will see you in 2019 for the next Members' event!

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