2019 Player of the Year

Under 18's Player of The Year Table 2019

Congratulations to Tommy Risker for winning the 2019 YIDU Junior Player of the Year!

Past Winners of the Under 18's POTY

2007 M. Killen (Cottingham Parks)

2008 M. Daley (Hainsworth Park)

2009 S. Dillon (Driffield)

2010 S. Dillon (Driffield)

2011 M. Wray (Hull)

2012 J. Jessop (Cottingham Parks)

2013 E. Pearson (Hessle)

2014 N. Raybould (Bridlington)

2015 B. Ratcliffe (Hull)

2016 L. Hunt (Burstwick)

2017 L. Hunt (Burstwick)

2018 G. Davies (Scarborough NC)