Rules of the Scratch League

(See also General Rules under Union tab)


1. All matches to be played on the day of the week (Monday to Friday) specified by the home team.


2. Any alterations must be ratified by both Team Secretaries/Captain and the ERUGC Scratch League Secretary well in advance of the fixture. A team failing to appear for the fixture shall forfeit the match with 2 points awarded to their opponents. Such a team shall also be deducted 2 points from their league total. Any team failing to fulfil two of its fixtures in any one season shall be demoted to the lowest division the following season.


3. It is the home team Secretary/Captain responsibility to contact the away team Secretary/Captain to confirm the time of the match.


4. The team Secretary/Captain for each team shall list their team in order of playing handicaps. The team lists shall be exchanged and the pairings of the games taken accordingly.


5. Any team with fewer than three players must play against the opposing teams highest placed players.


6. The result of the match shall be decided by the games won and lost with the winning team receiving 2 points. In any halved match, each team shall receive 1 point.


7. In the event of bad weather and/or the condition of the course the match may be postponed by decision of the team Captains at 5:30pm or later in the day provided that play has not commenced in any individual game. If the team Captains cannot agree upon a postponement and the course is still open for play then the match must proceed. Should any or all games in the match have commenced, suspension of such games shall be subject to rule 5.7 of the rules of golf, and shall recommence at the place it was suspended. A postponed match shall be played within 7 days on an agreed date, or failing agreement, on the first available Friday thereafter. Players in a postponed match which is rearranged need not be those who were originally selected. For suspended games in a match which has been rearranged the players must be those involved at the time of the suspension. A player who cannot resume in a suspended game must forfeit the game.


8. In the event of a dispute relating to the rules of golf or any match held under these rules the Executive Committee of the ERUGC shall arbitrate. Two members of the committee shall form a quorum and their decision on any dispute shall be final and binding.


9. The Results MUST be emailed to the ERUGC Scratch League Secretary within 24 hours of the match being played on


10. Clubs with more than one team must before any matches have been played nominate three players who will be regular players (a minimum of 4 matches) of the clubs first team and who will be ineligible for selection for any lower team.


11. If a Club has more than one team then any non-nominated player who plays for one of those teams in a match may not play for any other of his Club’s teams in a match in the same (Monday – Friday) week.


12. Any non-nominated player who during the season plays 5 matches for his Club’s first team will thereafter be ineligible to play for any lower team.


13. In the event of two teams finishing with the same number of points, positions will be decided by:


a) The number of matches won.

b) If they are still tied the aggregate score of games when they played each other.

c) If they are still tied there will be a play-off on a neutral course nominated by the ERUGC Scratch League Secretary. This must be arranged within one week of the final fixture or beyond that at the discretion of the ERUGC Scratch League Secretary.

d) If the aggregate score of all three matches in the play-off results in a tie, the match will be decided by a sudden death playoff between the lowest handicap player from each team.


14. In the final if the aggregate score of all three matches results in a tie, the match will be decided by a sudden death playoff between the lowest handicap player from each team.