Rex Warren Medal

Rex Warren Medal

It was decided in 1986 to inaugurate this medal to celebrate the high office of President of the E.G.U. bestowed upon Rex Warren, President of the E. R. Union in 1974 and the Yorkshire Union 1981. It was first played for in 1987.

1987 Rob McLeish (Brough)

1988 Rob McLeish (Brough)

1989 Peter Wray (Bridlington)

1990 Ken Boddy (Scarborough N.C.)

1991 Barry Ward (Brough)

1992 Chris Licence (Ganton)

1993 Roger Bielby (Hornsea)

1994 John Robinson (Beverley & E.R.)

1995 Geoff Drewery (Driffield)

1996 Peter Atkin (Hainsworth Park)

1997 Geoff Drewery (Driffield)

1998 Stephen Larard (Hull)

1999 Roger Bielby (Hornsea)

2000 Allan Craig (Hull)

2001 Allan Craig (Hull)

2002 Allan Craig (Hull)

2003 John Page (Ganstead Park)

2004 Edward Clark (Hull)

2005 Mike Clark (Driffield)

2006 Phil Lee (Hainsworth Park)

2007 Allan Craig (Hull)

2008 Edward Clark (Hull)

2009 Edward Clark (Hull)

2010 Ian D. Priestley (Withernsea)

2011 E. Mike Clark (Driffield)

2012 Geoff Drewery (Driffield

2013 Geoff Drewery (Driffield)

2014 Geoff Drewery (Driffield)

2015 John Page (Ganstead Park)

2016 Edward Clark (Hull)

2017 Andy Woodhead (Hessle)

2018 John Deeming (Hessle)