Rules of the Junior League

Fixtures to be played on Mondays


The top three clubs will play off by 18 holes Stroke Play at Ganton Golf Club on Tuesday, 28th August, 2018 - Players may only play for one Team during the Season.


  1. Junior players must be under 18 years old on 1st January 2017
  2. Matches to be played from Club handicap maximum 18 (players with handicaps higher than 18 may play, but must play from 18). Handicap allowance shall be Full difference.
  3. First named team to be at home. Away team to comply with Home teams' night.
  4. Home team secretary to contact the Away team.
  5. Home team Captain to present his team order to Away team Captain.
  6. Teams must play in order of handicap, i.e. lowest plays lowest, and highest play highest.
  7. Three Juniors per team.
  8. Any girls playing in the Junior League shall play from the ladies tees, they shall be allowed full difference in handicaps, plus any shots difference there may be between the Men's course S.S.S. and that of the ladies' S.S.S. (With a Maximum of 18 Handicap see Rule 2)
  9. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.
  10. Postponement of fixtures should only take place in exceptional circumstances. Key players being unavailable is not exceptional. Match must be played within the week specified.
  11. Result should be emailed within 24 hours of the fixture to:
  12. Winning margins must be recorded, as in the event of a tie for the league; holes up will be counted against holes down.
  13. Current handicaps must be correct. Players must adjust their handicaps downwards when they have improved (nett) on the S.S.S. in a qualifying competition prior to playing in a league match.
  14. Any Team failing to fulfil two or more fixtures during the league season will have all their match results cancelled.
  15. No Caddies allowed.
  16. Spectators must keep clear of all Matches, the required distance is 50 yards.