Past Winners of the Open Championship

The Needler Trophy

(Open Championship)


Although the first Open Championship took place in 1967 the trophy was first presented in 1969. It was purchased from the kind sponsorship of the Hull based Needler group of companies and partly from Union funds. It bears the name G. T. Rignall the man responsible for its conception.

1967 B. J. Waites (Brough)

1968 B. J. Waites (Brough)

1969 M. J. Kelley (Ganton)

1970 M. J. Kelley (Ganton)

1971 M. J. Kelley (Ganton)

1972 I. Duncan (Brough)

1973 G. W. Townhill (Hull)

1974 G. W. Townhill (Hull Driving Range)

1975 G. W. Townhill (Hull Golf Centre)

1976 J. Hammond (Filey)

1977 K. J. Miller (Fulford)

1978 B. Hessay (Fulford)

1979 M. Grantham (Hull)

1980 B. Thompson (Hornsea)

1981 M. J. Kelley* (Scarborough NC)

1982 B. Thompson (Hornsea)

1983 A. G. Edmond* (Hull)

1984 B. Thompson (Hornsea)

1985 G. W. Townhill (Brough)

1986 G. W. Townhill (Brough)

1987 G. W. Townhill (Brough)

1988 G. W. Townhill (Brough)

1989 G. W. Townhill (Brough)

1990 J. D. Dockar* (Ganton)

1991 G. Brown (Ganton)

1992 A. Wright* (Hornsea)

1993 D. Leng (Brough)

1994 A. Wright* (Hornsea)

1995 D. Leng (Brough)

1996 D. Leng (Brough)

1997 G. Brown (Ganton)

1998 S. Bermitz* (Brough)

1999 F. Kelley* (Ganton)

2000 F. Kelley* (Ganton)

2001 S. Bermitz* (Brough)

2002 N. Burnley* (Beverley & ER)

2003 B. Ellison* (Hull)

2004 J. Wells (Beverley & ER)

2005 J. Wells (Beverley & ER)

2006 A. Hammond (Cherry Burton)

2007 A. Belt (Bridlington Links)

2008 J. Drinkall (Allerthorpe Park)

2009 J. Wells (Cherry Burton)

2010 G. Brown (Ganton)

2011 J. Drinkall (Allerthorpe Park)

2012 M. Daley (Hainsworth Park)

2013 L. Blanchard* (Hessle)

2014 M. Helyard (Beverley &ER)

2015 P. Lockwood* (Hessle)

2016 N. Burnley* (Beverley & ER)

2017 M. Raybould* (Bridlington)

2018 R. Pace (Beverley & ER)

2019 N. Raybould* (Hornsea)

* Denotes amateur

Past Winners of the George Ash Salver

The George Ash Salver

(Leading Amateur in Open Championship)

This was presented by the Union in recognition of the achievements of George Ash (Beverley Golf Club). President 1960, County Champion 1960 and Union Champion 1951, 53, 54, 57, 58, 59 and 61. This was first awarded in 1967.

1967 P. Dawson (Ganton)

1968 M. J. Kelley (Ganton)

1969 M. J. Kelley (Ganton)

1970 M. J. Kelley (Ganton)

1971 M. J. Kelley (Ganton)

1972 P. G. Pilling (Ganton)

1973 R. J. Brown (Hull), R. Kelley (Scarborough N.C.)

1974 M. J. Kelley (Scarborough N.C.)

1975 M. J. Kelley (Scarborough N.C.)

1976 G. R. Lamb (Sutton Park)

1977 K. J. Miller (Fulford)

1978 J. L. Major (Hornsea)

1979 J. L. Plaxton (Fulford)

1980 R. Kelley (Scarborough N.C.), B. Scon (Hornsea)

1981 M. J. Kelley (Scarborough N.C.)

1982 R. Kelley (Scarborough N.C.), J. Issott (Fulford), P. W. J. Greenhough (Brough)

1983 A. G. Edmond (Hull)

1984 K. J. Miller (Fulford)

1985 J. Coggin (Springhead Park)

1986 A. Wright (Sutton Park)

1987 A. D. Hill (Hull)

1988 P. Binnington (Ganton)

1989 J. D. Dockar (Ganton)

1990 J. D. Dockar (Ganton)

1991 P. Binnington (Ganton), N. Burnley (Beverley), B. Scott (Hornsea)

1992 A. Wright (Hornsea)

1993 M. J. Kelley (Scarborough N.C.), A. Wright (Hornsea), M. Lamb (Hessle)

1994 A. Wright (Hornsea), J. Wells (Beverley & E.R.)

1995 N. Burnley (Beverley & E.R.)

1996 A. Wright (Hornsea)

1997 F. Kelley (Scarborough S.C.), C. Smith (Scarborough S.C.)

1998 S. Bermitz (Brough)

1999 F. Kelley (Ganton)

2000 F. Kelley (Ganton)

2001 M. B. Lill (Hull), S. Bermitz (Brough)

2002 N. Burnley (Beverley)

2003 B. Ellison (Hull)

2004 A. Wright (Hessle)

2005 A. Wright (Hessle)

2006 A. Wright (Hessle)

2007 A. Wright (Hessle)

2008 A. Wright (Hessle)

2009 A. Wright (Hessle), Andy Woodhead (Brough)

2010 M. Lamb (Sutton Park), S. Dillon (Driffield GC)

2011 P. Lockwood (Hessle), J. Samuel (Hull)

2012 P. Lockwood (Hessle)

2013 L. Blanchard (Hessle), A. Lockwood (Hessle)

2014 J. Samuel (Hull)

2015 B. Borman (Cottingham)

2016 N. Burnley (Beverley & ER)

2017 M. Raybould (Bridlington)

2018 A. Lockwood (Hessle)

2019 N. Raybould (Hornsea)