Rules of The Millennium Trophy

For the General Rules that apply to all events please click here.


1. The competition is open to Clubs affiliated to the Union to hold a qualifying competition and to submit an entry fee of £1 per person from such competition with a minimum of £30 per club.


2. The qualifying competitions shall be decided by net stableford scores in three divisions, according to Handicap Index: Plus to 10.9, 11.0 to 15.9 and 16.0 to 23.9 Players with a Handicap Index greater than 23.9 may play using this limit. All entrants must conform to General Rule 2.


3. The winner of each division in the qualifying competitions will qualify to play in same division in the finals, regardless of his Handicap Index, at a time and venue to be agreed each year. In the event that a winner is unavailable for the finals, the Club may substitute the runner-up or lower placed player from that division.


4. The finals shall be decided by net stableford scores. In the event of a tie, the winner shall be decided under General Rule 6(ii).


5. Prizes will be awarded in the finals for individual scores within each division.


6. The players returning the highest stableford score in each division in the finals shall each hold the Millennium Trophy Shields for one year.