Rules of The Junior Club Team Championship

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1. The Championship is open to Clubs affiliated to the Union to enter one or more teams.


2. Players representing each team must:-

a) Be of amateur status as defined by R&A Rules Ltd.

b) Be a member of a Club affiliated to the Union, which must be his/her home club for handicapping purposes.

c) Be under the age of 18 on the 1st of January in the year in which the competition is to be played.

d) Not have represented any other Union Club in competitive events during the current season.


3. Each Club team to consist of three players, boys or girls or both. Maximum Handicap Index shall be 36.4 for boys and girls.


4. Play shall be from the white tees for boys and the red tees for girls. In determining placings within the net score Championship, for a mixed tee competition, the competitor playing over the higher rated course will receive a Playing Handicap of their Course Handicap adjusted by the application of the Handicap Allowance, plus the difference in the Course Rating values (rounded to the nearest whole number) limited to the Playing Handicap applicable to the maximum Handicap Index.


5. The Championship titles, gross and net, shall be decided by individual stroke play over 18 holes by Club teams of three players, with the best two players' scores counting and the third player’s score counting, only in the event of a tie. If a tie remains, even after comparison of the third player's scores, the winning team shall be decided on the aggregate three scores of the teams in accordance with the Rules of Golf - Committee Procedures Section 5A Paragraph 6 “Matching Scorecards (also known as Scorecard Count-Back)”


6. The team returning the lowest aggregate gross score shall win the gross Championship title and shall hold the T. R. Leak Trophy for one year.


7. The team returning the lowest aggregate net score shall qualify to represent the Union at the Yorkshire Inter-District Union Junior Club Teams Championship. This team shall also win the net Championship title and shall hold the Frank Barratt Trophy for one year, unless the team has also returned the lowest aggregate gross score, in which case the team returning the next lowest aggregate net score shall be awarded the net title and the corresponding trophy.


8. Prizes will be awarded for team and individual scores.


9. Caddies are not allowed.