Rules of The Boys' Championship

For the general rules that apply to all events please go here.


Specific rules governing The Boys' Championship


(i) This shall be open to any boy who has not attained the age of 18 on the 1st January of the year of the event and has a handicap of 24 or less. This event shall be decided by 36 holes medal from scratch. In the event of the entry being in excess of 72 a ballot of the higher handicaps shall take place. All entrants must conform to regulation (2).


(ii) The winner shall be awarded the E.R.G.U. Boys' Challenge Cup for one year he shall also be awarded a replica to keep in perpetuity.


(iii) In the event of a tie regulation (4.(i)) shall apply.


(iv) There shall be handicap prizes also but in the event of a tie these shall be decided as per regulation (4.(ii)).


(v) There shall be 3 handicap prizes.



Golden Jubilee Trophy


(i) The leading 16 available Boys in the Boys Championship shall play for this trophy by match play


(ii) The draw for pairings shall be made by the organising committee


(iii) The matches shall be decided at a venue to be agreed by the organising committee


N.B. Caddies will not be allowed in any Boys Championship.