Past Winners of the Seniors' Championship

The Past Presidents Trophy

(Senior Championship)

This trophy was donated by the generosity of the Past Presidents of the Union in 1992 and is presented to the Senior (55 years or over) Champion.

1992 B. Coggin (Springhead Park)

1993 P. Atkins (Hornsea)

1994 D. H. Thompson (Beverley & ER)

1995 A. B. Ward (Brough)

1996 M. Hall (Hull)

1997 J. Wood (Filey)

1998 E. B. Crofts (Filey)

1999 R. H. Bielby (Hornsea)

2000 H. Gundill (Ganstead Park)

2001 A. Smith (Hornsea)

2002 P. Bishop (Hessle)

2003 C. Duck (Scarborough NC)

2004 J. R. Robinson (Beverley & ER)

2005 A. Smith (Hornsea)

2006 R. Kelley(Scarborough NC)

2007 R. Kelley (Scarborough NC)

2008 C. Duck (Scarborough NC)

2009 R. Kelley (Scarborough NC)

2010 R. Shimwell (Hessle)

2011 B. Witty (Scarborough NC)

2012 I. Stephenson (Ganton)

2013 B. Witty (Scarborough NC)

2014 I. Stephenson (Ganton)

2015 I. Stephenson (Ganton)

2016 P. Cross (Hornsea)

2017 I. Stephenson (Ganton)

2018 J. Coggin (Hull)

2019 A. Woodhead (Hessle)