2017 Results

Members' Am-Am at Boothferry, 31st July 2017

Pos. Name (Club) Score
1 C. Hillaby & J. Grayson (Cottingham Parks) 47 pts
D. Weatherall & D. Underwood (Beverley & ER) 46 pts (Bk 9)
P. Clark & G. Jones (The KP) 46 pts (Bk 9)
4 P. Woodcock & M. Fenton (Driffield) 46 pts (Bk 9)
5 M. Pritchard & M. Plunkett (Cottingham & Cave Castle) 44 pts (Bk 9)
6 J. Critchton & P. Nicholson (Cottingham) 44 pts (Bk 9)

Members' Am-Am at Bridlington Belvedere, 29th June 2017

Pos. Name (Club) Score
1 D. Arden, C. Duck, D. Ellard, J. Titley (Scarborough NC)   87 pts
T. Hall, J. Nicholson, P. Gibson, J. Harrison (Driffield/Ganton)  86 pts
A. Delgaty, S. Delgaty, I. Scott, P. Tatton (Brough) 84 pts (Bk 3)
4 B. Turton, S. Bates, K. Pearson, S. Holiday (Cottingham Parks) 84 pts
5 D. Underwood, S. Fox, D. Weatherall, T. Ives (Beverley & ER) 83 pts (Bk 9)
6 G. Foley, A. Phillips, K. Gray, R. Gray (Driffield) 83 pts (Bk 9)

Voucher winners not collecting their prizes on the day should collect their vouchers from the Bridlington Pro Shop.

Members' Am-Am at Scarborough North Cliff, 1st June 2017

Pos. Name (Club) Score
1 H. Hill, A. Rogers, S. Bates, J. Harrison (Cottingham) 90 pts
K. Hilton, S. Burn, S. McKechnie, S. Kelly (Cottingham) 87 pts
P. Jordan, S. Anderson, P. Bradbury, M. Clarion (Driffield) 86 pts (bk9)
4 A. Pearson, M. Parker, M. Copley, G. Markham (Hornsea) 86pts
5 B. Wood, G. Dolman, M. Gilroy, I. Lewis (Hornsea) 85 pts (bk 9)
6 G. Foley, A. Philips, K. Gray, R. Gray (Driffield) 85pts

Members' Fourball Betterball at Burstwick Country Golf, 11th May 2017

Pos. Name (Club) Score
1 M. Plunkett & S. Plunkett (Cave Castle) 48 pts
J. Leys & S. Megginson (Cottingham Parks) 47 pts
S. Ross & D. Clark (Driffield / The KP) 47 pts
4 K. Hilton & M. Kinch (Cottingham Parks) 46 pts
5 F. Boddy & S. Hubbard (Cave Castle) 46 pts
6 A. Merch & K. Pearson (Cottingham Parks) 46 pts
7 R. Logan & M. Walls (Cottingham Parks) 46 pts