Under 18's Matchplay 2019

Congratulations to Jack Maxey on winning the 2019 Junior Matchplay!

The entrants for the East Riding Union Under 18s Matchplay are derived from the top placing players in the East Riding Boys Championship and are below.

Round 1




Jack Maxey (3&1) Jack Maxey (5&4) Jack Maxey (2&1) Jack Maxey


Jack Maxey



2nd place

Tommy Risker


3rd place

George Davies

Will Storr

Kye Steventon (6&5) Kye Steventon
Cooper Beck
George Clark (6&5) George Clark George Davies
Jude Tarbotton
Tom Jacobs George Davies (2&1)
George Davies (2&1)
Harry Anderson Jack Northgraves Jacob Hodgson Tommy Risker
Jack Northgraves (5&3)
Jacob Hodgson (4&3) Jacob Hodgson (21st)
Luke Thornton
Tommy Risker (4&3) Tommy Risker (8&7) Tommy Risker (2&1)
Lloyd Bean
Marcus Moore (2&1) Marcus Moore
Matt McDonnell