Results of the 2021 Millennium Trophy

Played at Burstwick Country Golf on Saturday 29th May 2021


Well done to Jon Thorpe (Brough), Dave Harris (Burstwick) and Joseph Blanche (KP Club) on winning their divisions with fantastic scores of 35, 34 and 36 points repsectively.


The Millennium Championships is open to all 24 member clubs in the Union, who run their qualifying events at various times during the year. Each club provides a qualifying player from each of the three divisions and they are invited to play the final at no extra cost to themselves.

Pos. Name (Club) Total
Division 1 (Plus to 9)
1st J. Thorpe (Brough) 35 pts
2nd P. Johnson (Scarborough SC) 35 pts
3rd J. Lowe (Bridlington) 34 pts
Division 2 (10 to 17)
1st D. Harris (Burstwick) 34 pts
2nd J. Olsson (Hull) 33 pts
3rd  D. Walker (Bridlington Links) 32 pts
Division 3 (18 to 28)
1st  J. Blanche (KP Club) 36 pts
2nd  S. Nippress (Burstwick) 35 pts
3rd  G. Kerr (Hainsworth Park) 35 pts