ERUGC Safe Golf & Child Protection Policy

The East Riding Union of Golf Clubs has in place policies, procedures and practices relating to child safety, equality and a code of conduct that can be summarised as follows:


Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy & Procedures


The East Riding Union of Golf Clubs has a Safeguarding Children Policy and is fully committed to ensuring that golf provides a safe environment in which children can learn about the sport without fear of abuse in its various forms.


It is essential that you should feel safe and enjoy your sport. If there is something worrying you or you need someone to talk to then please speak to our Union Welfare Officer:


Cameron Thomson –

07885 737801

Click the link below to download the latest Child Protection Policy from the ERUGC. 

ERUGC County Safeguarding Policy November 2019
ERUGC County Safeguarding Policy Novembe
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Equality Policy



The East Riding Union of Golf Clubs is fully committed to supporting the principle and practice of the England Golf Equality & Diversity Policy.