YIDU 2018 Men's Team Fixtures & Table

Here are the latest results and table from the Men's YIDU season.

Pos. Union Played Won Lost Halve For Against Avg Points
1 Sheffield 7 7 0 0 170 82 +88 14
2 Halifax & Huddersfield 7 6 1 0 155 97 +58 12
3 East Riding 7 4 3 0 140 112 +28 8
4 Leeds 7 4 3 0 132 120 +12 8
5 Bradford 7 4 3 0 125 127 -2 8
6 Teesside 7 2 5 0 86 166 -80 4
7 Harrogate 7 1 6 0 97 155 -58 2
8 York 7 0 7 0 103 149 -46 0
2018 Men's YIDU Fixtures
  20th May Teesside 14-22 Bradford at Seaton Carew
    York 12-24 East Riding at Forest of Galtres
    Leeds 20-16 Harrogate at Scarcroft
    Sheffield 23-13 H'fax & H'Field at Worksop
  10th June Bradford  13-23 Sheffield  at Bradford
    East Riding  27-09 Teesside at Hornsea
    Harrogate  19-17 York  at Bedale
    H'fax & H'Field  19-17 Leeds  at Bradley Park
  24th June H'fax & H'Field  23-13 Bradford  at Dewsbury District
    Harrogate 11-25 East Riding  at Romanby
    Teesside  6-30 Leeds  at Catterick
    York  14-22 Sheffield  at Easingwold
  8th July Bradford  22-14 Harrogate at Baildon
    East Riding  15-21 H'fax & H'Field  at Hull
    Leeds  13-23 Sheffield  at Cookridge Hall
    Teesside  20-16 York  at Billingham
  5th August East Riding 17-19 Bradford at Brough
    H'fax & H'Field  30-06 Harrogate  at Halifax Bradley Hall
    York  17-19 Leeds  at Pike Hills
    Sheffield  29-07 Teesside  at Rotherham
  19th August Leeds  21-15 Bradford  at Howley Hall
    Sheffield 28-08 East Riding at Hickleton
    Teesside 19-17 Harrogate at Bishop Aukland
    York 12-24 H'fax & H'Field at Forest Park
  2nd September Bradford 21-15 York at Woodhall Hills
    East Riding 24-12 Leeds at Hessle
    Harrogate 14-22 Sheffield at Ripon City
    H'fax & H'Field 25-11 Teesside at Meltham
Team Championships
  26th June Past Presidents Day Forest Park
  9th September Team Championship Knaresborough

2018 YIDU Men's Team Results

Men's team boss final match at Hessle


Home advantage and the presence of several host club players gave the East Riding team the edge on Hessle’s tricky greens against their counterparts from the Leeds Union.


East Riding dominated the top three foursome matches, quickly establishing a three hole advantage, which they maintained to the end with a 4&3 win for Alan Wright & Jack Maxey and 3&2 wins for both Andy Lockwood & Nick Raybould and Lewis Hunt & Rich Webster.


The fourth match was a close fought game with never more than one hole in it but Andy Woodhead & Phil Scott eventually closed out the match 1up. Leeds were able to salvage something from the morning when the fifth match featuring Dan Digby & Lewis Nicholls was lost 2&1 and in the final foursome, Dan Swales & Steve Lynch saw their 2 up with 4 to play lead overturned. This gave a lunchtime score of East Riding 8, Leeds 4.


The top four singles in the afternoon all fell to East Riding, which gave the team the impetus to go on to victory. However, whilst Wright and Maxey had relatively comfortable wins by 3&2 and 5&4 respectively, Lockwood and Raybould were both taken to the final green. Had those two matches been won by Leeds the match could have swung in their favour, as the next two games were lost.

The Hessle duo of Woodhead and Scott, playing at 7 and 8, re-established the home union’s dominance with wins by 4&3 and 1 up respectively to take East Riding across the winning line. The icing on the cake was provided by Digby, winning on the final green and Lynch gaining his first win for the Union by 3&2. The singles score was thus 16:8 giving a total scoreline of East Riding 24, Leeds 12.


Lewis Hunt duly won the Player of the Year Award, despite having to retire from his singles match after 10 holes with a strained shoulder muscle, his sixth consecutive foursomes win in partnership with Rich Webster being enough to deny President, Andy Woodhead a share of the title.

Close match masked by margin of defeat


On 19th August, the East Riding Mens’ Team took on the Sheffield Union at Hickleton, a quirky, tight course with small, fast and sloping greens. In the absence of several senior players, Matchplay Finalist, Steve Lynch, together with Jamie Bancroft (Boothferry) and Dan Swales (Cottingham Parks) made their debuts.


The result was a resounding victory for Sheffield by a margin of 28:8 but this scoreline was not a true reflection of the East Riding’s performance. In fact, at one stage in the afternoon, the Sheffield officials were feeling decidedly worried.


The morning foursomes had finished with Sheffield winning three matches to one with two games halved to give them an 8:4 advantage at lunch. Each game was closely contested, with no game failing to reach the 16th green. Once again Lewis Hunt & Rich Webster brought home maximum points to make their foursomes record: played 5, won 5. The pairings of Alan Wright & Jack Maxey and Rees Brown & Lewis Nicholls each secured a half.


Early on in the afternoon singles, whilst the middle four matches were all comfortably going in Sheffield’s favour, the top four and the bottom four were favouring East Riding by six matches to two, albeit only by the odd hole. It was this that caused some worries amongst the Sheffield officials but the tide began to turn in their favour in the later stages.


The closeness of the match is demonstrated in the fact that nine of the twelve matches finished on the 17th or 18th greens. Regrettably, East Riding were on the losing side in seven of these matches and came away with only two halved games from Rich Webster and Tom Duck. The only player to record a singles victory was Dan Digby, winning by 4&3.


Assuming he plays in the final game, Lewis Hunt will secure the Player of the Year Award, one year after winning the equivalent award in the Under 18s category. His nearest challenger, his foursomes partner, Rich Webster, will be unable to make up the deficit on the singles result alone, whilst Luke Robinson and Andy Woodhead would need maximum points to potentially tie for the title, should Lewis stumble.

East Riding suffer narrow defeat at Brough


The sun was shining brightly as the Senior Team took on the Bradford Union at Brough on 5th August. And the East Riding’s prospects also appeared bright in the morning foursomes since, despite the pairing of Matty Raybould & Leigh Gawley struggling to compete against stiff opposition, all the other matches were going in the home team’s favour, making a sizeable lead at lunch a realistic possibility.


Andy Lockwood & Nick Raybould duly delivered a 4&2 victory, shortly followed by Rich Webster & Lewis Hunt, 3&2, who maintained their 100% foursomes record. However, fortunes began to change on the back nine and whilst Lewis Nicholls & Jack Maxey brought home a win by 2&1, the President, Andy Woodhead, playing with host club member Anil Panesar, saw a 2 hole advantage on the 14th tee, overturned to lose by 2&1. In the final match, Rees Brown & Joe Allenby, having been pegged back to all square on the 14th tee, eventually lost on the final green.


To say that the lunchtime scoreline of 6:6 was disappointing would be an understatement but the home team came out strongly for the afternoon singles, with five wins and a half out of the top eight matches. Andy Lockwood and Matty Raybould in the top two matches won by 3&2 and 2&1 respectively but Nick Raybould and Leigh Gawley both lost to even up the scoreline. Commendably, Nick from being 5 down with 7 to play put in a strong fightback, to take his opponent to the 17th green.


Then came strong wins for Lewis Hunt by 6&5 and Joe Allenby by 4&2, to be followed by two final green dramas with Rich Webster coming back from 1 down with two to play to win and Jack Maxey making birdie at the last to secure a half.


That put East Riding on 17 points needing one more win for victory. Unfortunately, it was not forthcoming as Bradford were dominant in all the remaining four matches, winning them all. So at the end of a closely fought contest, played in a good spirit, Bradford was victorious by 19 points to 17.

East Riding Suffers a Narrow Loss


Having won their opening three matches, East Riding were in confident mood when they met Halifax & Huddersfield Union at Hull Golf Club on 8th July, despite the absence of several regular players. The players and spectators were grateful for intermittent cloud cover and a light breeze throughout the day, which helped soften the intense heat.


In the morning foursomes, the Halifax boys had an early edge, at one stage leading by a single hole in all six matches but by lunch, East Riding had won two matches and halved another to stand 5:7 down. In the top match featuring Hornsea duo, Matty Raybould & Luke Robinson, the Halifax boys had a fast start to stand 3 up after 5 but were pegged back to only 1 up after 10.


That remained the score after the 15th but the East Riding pair won the 16th with a par when Halifax failed to get up and down from a bunker. The 17th was halved in par and from the trees on the last, the home pair was able to scramble a par whilst their opponents caught a tree with their escape shot and could only make bogey, thus conceding the match to East Riding, 1 up.

The new and successful pairing of Rich Webster & Lewis Hunt (Bridlington & Burstwick) maintained their 100 per cent foursomes record with a 2&1 victory. Having gone 1 down early in the round, they squared the match by the turn and took a two-hole lead at 13, which was enough to seal the win.

Alan Wright & Jack Maxey (Hessle & Hornsea) brought home a half, having been 2 down at the halfway stage and 1 down with two to play.


In the afternoon singles, the first eight matches were exchanged on a strictly rotational basis, with Halifax winning the odd numbered games and East Riding the even. Luke Robinson won by 5&4 whilst Andy Lockwood (Hessle) despite his frustrations on the greens, prevailed by 1 hole. The “junior” members of the team, Jack Maxey and Lewis Hunt, both took their games by 4&3.


So, with four games unfinished, Halifax still held the two-point advantage gained from the foursomes. Unfortunately, in matches 9 & 10 featuring debutant Sam Middleton (Hornsea) and Lewis Nicholls (Ganton), Halifax held the upper hand and both games concluded on the 15th green giving them a winning margin.


In the final two matches, Andy Woodhead (Hessle) won by 2&1 but Dan Digby (Brough) lost by the same margin to make the final score 15:21.


Luke Robinson now heads the Order of Merit with Andy Woodhead second and Lewis Hunt third.



On 24th June, the East Riding Mens’ Team travelled to Romanby GC, near Northallerton, to play the Harrogate Union on a hot and windless day, which sapped the players' energy reserves and necessitated a mid-morning dash to a local supermarket to replenish the supply of bottled water.


The morning foursomes were won by East Riding, four games to two to give the visitors an 8:4 advantage. However, the teams could have been level at lunchtime had the home team's momentum in the top match not deserted them on the final hole. The Hornsea pairing of Matty Raybould & Luke Robinson were 5up at the turn and cruising to victory when a series of misfortunes befell them on the back nine, losing five of the next eight holes to stand all square on the 18th tee. Thinking they had the upper hand, the Harrogate pair took driver on this relatively short but dangerous par 4 and found the trees to hand the hole and the match to a grateful East Riding pair.


In the other morning matches, the Hornsea pairing of Leigh Gawley & Rees Brown and the Bridlington / Burstwick pair of Rich Webster & Lewis Hunt both won their matches by 5&4, whilst the Hessle / Brough pair of Andy Woodhead & Dan Digby won 3&1. Nick Raybould & Andy Lockwood (Hornsea / Hessle) were never in front in their match, finally losing by 4&2 and Joe Allenby & Tom Duck (Hessle / Ganton) surrendered an early two hole lead to lose on the final green 2 down.


In the top two matches of the afternoon singles, Matty Raybould and Luke Robinson continued in similar vein to their morning match by holding sizeable leads through the turn. However, this time, they both pressed home their advantage on the back nine with Matty, who was seven under par in his match, winning 4&3 and Luke closing out by 3&1.


In matches 3 and 4, Nick Raybould and Andy Lockwood, having lost their foursomes match, once again found themselves on the wrong side of the scoresheet losing by 2&1 and 3&2 respectively.


The next seven matches all put points on the board for East Riding with wins for Joe Allenby (5&4) Leigh Gawley and Rich Webster (both 4&3), Andy Woodhead (4&2) and Tom Duck and Rees Brown (both 1 up). Lewis Hunt came in with a halved match, which, at the time, secured the winning point.


In the final match, Dan Digby came up against an opponent whose every putt seemed to find the bottom of the cup, losing by 3&1.


So East Riding came out on top in the singles, winning eight matches and losing three with one match halved to give a score of 17:7 and an overall winning margin of 25:11

East Riding Union v Teesside Union


Having won their opening match in convincing style, the Senior Team followed up with a 27:9 victory over the Teesside Union at Hornsea on 10th June. The weather conditions were ideal, with just a light breeze in the morning, which strengthened slightly in the afternoon.


All but one of the morning foursomes were won or lost out in the country, with the Hornsea pairing of Luke Robinson & Matty Raybould and the Ganton pairing of Steve Pybus & Lewis Nicholls both winning by 5&4. The untried combination of Rich Webster & Lewis Hunt (Bridlington & Burstwick) went one better, closing out their match 6&5 whilst the Hessle pairing of Andy Woodhead & Phil Scott triumphed by 3&2. The second all Hornsea pair of Leigh Gawley and Rees Brown, however, succumbed by a margin of 4&3.


The remaining match was an altogether tighter contest and despite building a three hole advantage after seven holes, Andy Lockwood and Nick Raybould (Hessle & Hornsea) were pegged back to stand 1 up on the 18th. That hole was to prove very profitable for the East Riding as, not only did the foursome pair halve it for a 1 up victory but of the six singles matches which went the full distance in the afternoon, the results for the home team on the hole were won 4, halved 1, lost 1. It was this strength at the death, which turned the victory into a convincing margin.


In the singles, the second match featured two Yorkshire players as Matty Raybould took on his County colleague, Michael Hay (Middlesborough). The game was evenly balanced until Raybould lost a ball at the 13th and Hay managed to hold on to his advantage to win the match 3&2. Andy Lockwood and Nick Raybould both won their matches with holes to spare to put East Riding on the verge of victory but fittingly, it fell to Rees Brown, the current Captain of the host club to secure the winning points with a spectacular finish of 3,4,3,3.


Lewis Nicholls and the President, Andy Lockwood won their matches on the 16th whilst there were last green wins for Luke Robinson, Leigh Gawley and Lewis Hunt with Rich Webster securing the only half of the day.


With a 10:2 margin in the foursomes and a 17:7 advantage in the singles, the final result was East Riding 27, Teesside 9.

York Union v East Riding Union


The Senior Team opened their season with an emphatic away win against the York Union at Forest of Galtres GC on 20th May. The weather conditions were benign with light wind and blazing temperatures, which required the support team to ensure an adequate supply of drinking water for the team. Two players made their debut – at opposite ends of the age spectrum - Lewis Hunt (Burstwick) aged 16 and Phil Scott (Hessle) aged 53.


In the morning foursomes, two Hornsea pairings, Matty Raybould & Luke Robinson with Nick Raybould & Jack Maxey soon established sizeable leads, which were barely challenged and they ran out winners by 2&1 and 5&3 respectively.


In the next match, Dan Digby (Brough) & Lewis Nicholls (Ganton) faced an uphill struggle due to the exceptional putting of the York boys and were beaten 5&4. In match number 4 the third Hornsea paring of Leigh Gawley & Rees Brown had a close game but they eventually prevailed by 2&1, a feature of this game being Leigh’s shot into the 515 yard 11th hole which finished two inches short for what would have been an albatross 2.


The “junior” pairing of Tom Duck (Ganton) and Lewis Hunt led for most of their match but found trouble on the closing holes to lose 2 down and in the final match, President Andy Woodhead (Hessle) and Phil Scott had a scare, going from five up to only one in the space of four holes but they rallied to close out the match 3&2. So the lunchtime scoreline was 8:4 in East Riding’s favour.


In the afternoon singles, early wins from Matty Raybould, Jack Maxey, Dan Digby and Lewis Nicholls, with a half from Luke Robinson, put East Riding on the verge of victory. Further wins from Rees Brown and Leigh Gawley by 5&4 and 3&2 respectively saw the team home and halves in the last three games from Lewis Hunt, Andy Woodhead and Phil Scott secured a comfortable advantage of 24 points to 12. The most notable of these results was perhaps the half secured by Lewis Hunt, showing a maturity beyond his years to come back from dormie 3 down.


Supporting the team were President Elect, Chris Clarkson, Immediate Past President, Steve Thornton and Senior Team Organiser, Howard Palmer.