Rules & Regulations of The Union



1. The Union shall be called the East Riding Union of Golf Clubs.




2. The principal objects of the Union are to further the interests of amateur golf within the district of the Union, to organise and promote championships, team matches and other competitive golf at both senior and junior levels, to encourage co-operation between the Clubs in the Union and to support the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs.




3. The Union shall consist of recognised Golf Clubs, which are affiliated to the Yorkshire Union of Golf Clubs and situate within or near to the East Riding of Yorkshire. Election of a Club to the Union shall be decided by the Executive Committee, following written application to the Secretary.


4. All subscriptions shall become due on the first day of January each year. No Club or its members, whose subscriptions are in arrears, shall be entitled to take part in any Union event. Subscriptions shall be determined annually by the Executive Committee and reported to the Annual Meeting.


5. Individual members of Clubs within the Union are Associate Members of the Union and shall be entitled to participate in any golfing events or other functions arranged for Associate Members, subject to any terms or conditions for entry to such competitions.




6. The governing body of the Union shall be the Council, which shall hold an Annual Meeting during the month of April at a venue specified in the notice convening the meeting and shall consist of a maximum of two appointed representatives of each Club of the Union present at the meeting but other members of member clubs may attend but not vote. If for reasons beyond the control of the Union, the Council is unable to hold its Annual Meeting at a specified venue during the month of April, the Executive Committee shall have the authority to direct that the requirement to hold an Annual Meeting will be satisfied by some other means, provided that all other regulations in respect of the Annual Meeting are met and the Council shall then consist of an official of each Club of the Union.


7. Not less than twenty-one days' notice, in writing or by electronic means, of the Annual Meeting shall be given to each Club in the Union. The Annual Meeting shall be held for the purpose of receiving the report of the Executive Committee, approving the duly audited financial statements for the year ending on the preceding 31st day of December, electing the Officers of the Union (other than existing Vice-Presidents and the Immediate Past President), members of the Executive Committee and the Honorary Auditor and transacting such other general business of the Union of which not less than twenty-one days' notice, in writing or by electronic means, has been given by any Club in the Union to the Secretary.


8. The Secretary shall, in the notice convening the Annual Meeting, request the Clubs in the Union to submit nominations for election to the Executive Committee, such nominations to be in the possession of the Secretary not later than forty-eight hours before the commencement of such Meeting.


9. An Extraordinary Meeting of the Council may be requisitioned by the President and the Secretary or, by notice in writing or by electronic means, given by not less than two Clubs in the Union and shall be convened by the Secretary giving not less than twenty-one days' notice, in writing or by electronic means, to each of the Clubs in the Union within twenty one days after receipt of such requisition. Only business of which notice has been given shall be considered at such Meeting.


10. No Rule or Regulation of the Union shall be made, repealed or altered, except by a majority of two-thirds of the representatives present at any meeting of the Council and not less than twenty-one days' notice, in writing or by electronic means, of the proposed repeal or alteration shall be given by the Secretary to each Club in the Union. Upon consideration of any such proposals the Council may approve them with or without modification.




11. The Officers of the Union shall be a President, a President-Elect, a Deputy President-Elect, the Immediate Past President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Competitions Secretary, a Scratch League Secretary, a Match Play Secretary, a Team Manager, a Junior Team Manager, a Junior Development Officer and an Associate Members' Secretary, together with such Vice-Presidents for life as have been nominated by the Executive Committee for services to the Union and to the game of golf and approved by the Council.


12. The President, the President-Elect and the Deputy President-Elect shall be nominated by the past Presidents of the Union, for election at the Annual Meeting or, if required, at an Extraordinary Meeting.


Executive Committee


13. The Executive Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Union and six elected members, of whom one third shall retire annually, who shall be elected by ballot at the Annual Meeting. Each representative voting shall give one vote only to a candidate but must vote for as many candidates as there are vacancies and voting papers not fulfilling these conditions shall be void. Members so elected to the Executive Committee shall hold office for three years, unless removed by meeting of the Council and shall be eligible for re-election immediately thereafter. In the event of a vacancy occurring in its membership, the Executive Committee shall have the power to fill such vacancy by appointing for the unexpired portion of the year, such person as they think fit and that person shall immediately be eligible for election to the Executive Committee at the next Annual Meeting.


14. For the Executive Committee to be quorate, a minimum of seven members shall be present. Resolutions may only be considered if the Meeting is quorate.


15. The Executive Committee shall organise at least one meeting per annum when Clubs or their members should be invited to submit issues for debate or consideration.


16. The Executive Committee shall have power to appoint and determine the composition, terms of reference and delegated powers of such sub-committees as it shall consider appropriate and in particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to appoint and delegate disciplinary powers to a Disciplinary Sub-committee, such powers to be exercised in accordance with the terms and conditions for the conduct of disciplinary sub-committees, from time to time, issued by England Golf.


17. The Executive Committee shall ensure that these Rules and Regulations and the conditions governing the golfing events run by the Union are complied with and shall have the powers conferred upon it by the Council and the power to administer and control the affairs of the Union, including its finances and its golfing functions.


Union Ties & Badges


18. All past and present Officers, members of the Executive Committee and the current or any past Amateur Champion shall be entitled to wear the Union tie and the Union blazer. Any player who has represented the Union in six matches or championships shall be entitled to wear the Union tie and any player who has represented the Union in twelve matches or championships shall be entitled to wear the Union blazer. The Executive Committee may present Union ties and Union blazers to eligible persons as it considers appropriate.