ERUGC Members Am-Am

at Hull Golf Club on 10th September 2020

Pos. pts Names (Club) Score
1st J. Baron (Hessle), R. Craig (Cave Castle), M. Plunkett (Brough), S. Plunkett (Brough) 90 pts
2nd J. Thorpe, R. Dennis, S. Carlill, G. O'Neil (Brough) 88 pts
3rd D. Walker, G. Mennell, R. Logan, M. Walls (Cottingham) 84 pts
4th J. Wagland, D. Pinder, S. Fulstor, J. Crichton (Cottingham) 83 pts
5th K. Pratt, T. Moody, S. Artymiuk, D. McDonald (Cottingham) 83 pts
6th C. Clarkson, P. Kaye, M. Bird, A. Knaggs (Brough) 81 pts

Well done to the winners! Prize Vouchers will be sent to your Club Secretaries for distribution in the next few days.


Hopefully, next season will see us returning to a full events schedule which will include the following Members Meetings:-

13th May at Filey, 27th May at Hornsea, 17th June at Hessle, 8th July at Hull, 5th August at Flamborough and 19th August at Cave Castle

MEMBERS MEETING - AM/AM Format - 6 Team Prizes.

HULL GOLF CLUB Thursday 10th September 2020


Unfortunately it was decided to cancel all ERUGC events this year due to the pandemic restrictions.


Playing and hospitality restrictions are now being gradually lifted and therefore we have been able to organise a Members Meeting under current rules, which will take place as an AmAm format on Thursday 10th September at Hull Golf Club. Registration of players & handicaps, and Payment of £17.50 (£70 per team) will be taken on the day in the Proshop. Specific details regarding hospitality arrangements in accordance with current 'rules' will be sent to confirmed team organisers nearer the date.


Below is a listing of confirmed and pre-allocated Tee-times using booking data from last season and changes confirmed since. Would you please email, call, or text our President, John Chambers, to confirm your entry as soon as possible.


Any tee-times not confirmed by Friday 14th August will be made available to those on the Reserve List.  Please contact our President If you would like to add your team to the Reserve List.


Contact : John Chambers - President 2020 (note 'r' and 'ss')

07860 142620

01482 657456


Tee Time




  08.00 Dave Greenwood Boothferry Y
  08.10 Kevin Fitzsimons Ganstead Y
  08.20 Neil Coates Hessle Y
  08.30 Paul Richardson Cottingham Y
  08.40 Jim Brown Cottingham Y
  08.50 Howard Hill Cottingham Y
  09:00 Joth Barron Hessle / Brough Y
  09.10 Erik Sologub The KP Y
  09.20 Ken Hilton Cottingham Y
  09.30 Kieron Traynor Beverley Y
  09.40 David Wilson Cottingham  Y
  09.50 Simon Wilcock Cottingham Y
  10.00 Rob Logan Cottingham Y
  10.10 Paul Clayton Cottingham Y
  10.20 Pete Lappin Cave Castle Y
  10.30 Steve Kelly Driffield Y
  10.40 Roger Baron Hessle Y
  10.50 Pete Lappin Cave Castle Y
  11.00 Pete Lappin Cave Castle Y
  11.10 Steve Alger Burstwick Y
  11.20 Garry Cooper Hessle Y
  11.30 Fax Tall Boothferry Y
  11.40 Max Stansfield Scarborough NC Y
  11.50 Andy Woodhead Hessle Y
  12.00 Chris Clarkson Brough Y
  12.10 John Crichton Cottingham Y
  12.20 Mike James Hull Y
  12.30 Harold Kaye Hull Y
  12.40 Pete Lappin Cave Castle
  12.50 Ken Clarkson Hull Y
  13.00 Mr President Hull Y
  13.10 Paul Rutterford Hessle Y
  13.20 Paul Berriman Driffield Y
  13.30 Rod Ashton Driffield Y
  13.40 Geoff Drewery Driffield Y
  13.50 Paul Sheppard Driffield Y
  14.00 Gavin Lewis Beverley Y
  14.10 Mark Oswald Boothferry Y
  14.20 David Underwood Beverley Y
  14.30 Jamie Greveson Driffield Y
  14.40 Graham Foley Driffield Y
  14.50 Robert Megginson Driffield Y
  15.00 Daniel Handforth Burstwick Y
  15.10 Jon Thorpe Brough Y
  15.20 John Wagland Cottingham Y