ERUGC Members Am-Am

at Brough Golf Club on 25th July 2019

Pos. Names (Club) Score
1st Stork, Wilson, Patterson, Carter (Bridlington Links) 85 pts
2nd Thorpe, Bancroft, Freer, Gibson (Boothferry/Brough) 84 pts
3rd Plunkett, Plunkett, Pritchard, Baron (Cave Castle/Hessle) 83 pts
4th Pettit, Jefferson, Mennell, Glaves (Scarborough NC) 82 pts
5th Baron, Beilby, Dawson, Hines (Hessle) 81 pts
6th Crichton, Devine, Artymiuk, Pearson (Cottingham) 78 pts

Entry is open to any member of an affiliated club of the East Riding Union of Golf Clubs, and costs just £17.50 per person for this Am-Am. To enter, contact the Members' Meeting registrar Peter Lappin on 07736 003100 or by emailing


ALL tee times are carried over from previous year's unless you inform the Registrar by email.


Tee Time



  8:00 AM John Carter Bridlington Links
  8:10 AM Kevin Fitzsimons Ganstead Park
  8:20 AM Steve Mowforth? Hainsworth Park
  8:30 AM Jim Crichton Cottingham Parks
  8:40 AM Hugh Semple Withernsea
  8:50 AM Howard Hill  Cottingham Parks
  9:00 AM Matthew Plunkett Cave Castle
  9:10 AM Eric Sologub The KP
  9:20 AM Ken Hilton Cottingham Parks
  9:30 AM Vacant TBC
  9:40 AM David Wilson Cottingham Parks
  9:50 AM Brian Southerington Cottingham Parks
  10:00 AM Vacant TBC
  10:10 AM Paul Clayton Cottingham Parks
  10:20 AM Peter Lappin Cave Castle
  10:30 AM Steve Kelly Driffield
  10:40 AM Roger Baron Cottingham Parks
  10:50 AM Peter Lappin Cave Castle 
  11:00 AM Peter Lappin Cave Castle
  11:10 AM Vacant TBC
  11:20 AM Ian Camplejohn Hornsea
  11:30 AM Ian Camplejohn Hornsea
  11:40 AM Max Stansfield Scarborougn NC
  11:50 AM Peter Lappin Cave Castle
  12:00 PM John Dally Brough/Hessle
  12:10 PM Jim Crichton Cottingham Parks
  12:20 PM Gary Cooper Hessle
  12:30 PM John Chambers Hull
  12:40 PM John Page  Ganstead Park
  12:50 PM Peter Lappin Cave Castle
  1:00 PM John Chambers Hull
  1:10 PM Edward Clark  Hull
  1:20 PM Tony Hall Driffield
  1:30 PM Geoff Drewery Driffield
  1:40 PM Geoff Drewery Driffield
  1:50 PM Geoff Drewery Driffield
  2:00 PM Geoff Drewery Driffield
  2:10 PM Paul Rutterford Hessle
  2:20 PM John Robinson / Jeff Lambert Beverley & ER
  2:30 PM Derrick Arden Scarborough NC
  2:40 PM David Underwood Beverley & ER
  2:50 PM President


  3:00 PM Phil Lee  Hainsworth Park
  3:10 PM Graham Foley Driffield
  3:20 PM Robert Megginson Driffield
  3:30 PM John Nesfield The KP
  3:40 PM Vacant TBC
  3:50 PM Vacant TBC
  4:00 PM Jim Brown Cottingham Parks