Entry to ERUGC Members' Meetings

Entry is open to any member of an affiliated club of the East Riding Union of Golf Clubs, and costs just £15.00 per person for the betterball events and £17.50 per person for the Am-Ams. To enter, contact the Members' Meeting registrar John Chambers - President 2021 johnrchamberss@hotmail.com (note 'r' and 'ss'), or calling 07860 142620 / 01482 657456.

Rules of The Members' Association

For the General Rules that apply to all events please click here.


1. The Association is open to all male members of Clubs affiliated to the Union, who have a Handicap Index and are over the age of 18.


2. The Association was formed to enable golfers of all golfing abilities to involve themselves In competitive golf with players from other Clubs within the Union.


3. Members' Meetings will normally be organised on a Thursday and shall be in the form of fourball betterball stableford or Am Am stableford competitions. Players shall receive a Playing Handicap of 90% of their Course Handicap in betterballs and 85% of their Course Handicap in Am Ams with a maximum Playing Handicap of 24.


4. Entries for Meetings of the Association must be made by the entrants themselves direct to the Members' Association Secretary.


5. Members who book and are allocated times but who fail to report on the day of the meeting shall be liable for their entry fee.


6. Any tie at the meeting shall be decided under General Rule 6(ii).


7. The Union will award prizes to the winners and other prizes as will be decided by the Competition Committee acting by its representatives present at the event.


8. Players are reminded that at all times they are expected to conform to the dress regulations and etiquette of the host club.


9. Buggies are allowed with the permission of the host club.