Past Winners of the Junior Matchplay Championship

Golden Jubilee Trophy

(Match Play Championship for Boys)


Presented by Edward Clark in 1997, his year of presidency and the Unions' Jubilee Year.

1997 R. Coulson (Hull)

1998 A. Kelly (Bridlington Links)

1999 D. Tarbotton (Hull)

2000 R. Youden (Cottingham Parks)

2001 S. Uzzell (Ganstead Park)

2002 K. Mathers (The KP Club)

2003 K. Rowe

2004 D. Connell (Bridlington Links)

2005 L. Adamson (Bridlington)

2006 M. Killen (Cottingham Parks)

2007 M. Helyard (Beverley & ER)

2008 D. Woodhead (Brough)

2009 M. Helyard (Hessle)

2010 S. Robins (Hull)

2011 S. Robins (Hull)

2012 J. Pearce (Bridlington)

2013 C. Skinner (Brough)

2014 N. Raybould (Bridlington)

2015 M. Jessop (Cottingham)

2016 M. Raybould (Bridlington)

2017 J. Maxey (Burstwick)

2018 J. Maxey (Hornsea)

2019 J. Maxey (Hornsea)