Men's Matchplay Rules

(See also General Rules under Union tab)


1. Entry to the Matchplay is open to players with a handicap not exceeding 10 at the date of entry. Entrants should be aware of the date of the Final and be available should they be successful in reaching the Final. Entries are to be submitted, with the entry fee of £10 payable to East Riding Union of Golf Clubs, on or before the prescribed date. Entries without payment will not be accepted. All entrants must conform to General Rule 2.


2. There will be a maximum of 64 players in the competition proper. In the event of more than 64 entries a preliminary round will be played.


3. There will be a separate draw for each round, which will be circulated to all Clubs. It is the responsibility of both players to arrange and play the matches. Prior to the quarter-finals, the matches will be played on the home course of the first-named player. The quarter-finals, Semi-Finals and the Final will be played on neutral courses. Players will be given courtesy of the course.


4. All matches up to and including the semi-finals shall be played over 18 holes off scratch. The Final shall be played over 36 holes off scratch.


5. Prior to the quarter-finals, where a match is “all square” after 18 holes the away player can either play sudden death or replay the game on his home course. If “all square” after 18 holes of the replayed match then sudden death must be played. In a quarter-final, semi-final or the Final, where a match is “all square” after 18 or 36 holes, sudden death must be played.


6. Matches must be played and the result sent to the Matchplay Secretary by the specified dates. No extensions will be given.


7. The player winning the Final shall hold the Matchplay Salver for one year.