ERUGC Men's Matchplay 2018

Congratulations to Alan Wright on winning his third ERUGC Men's matchplay tournament!

Semi Finals

Winners are in bold

Match   Home Player Club   Away Player Club Venue
1   Alan Wright Hessle 2&1 Andy Lockwood Hessle Hull
2   Steve Lynch Boothferry 5&4 Jon Samuel Hull Brough

The first named player plays the match at his Home Club. Responsibility for arranging and playing their matches lies with both players.


PLEASE DO NOT DELAY ORGANISING YOUR MATCH. All matches are to be played and the result sent to the Match-play Secretary by the closing date specified.


Matches not completed by the specified date, both players will be eliminated. For full details of all the Competition Rules please refer to the E.R.U.G.C website.

4th Round

Winners are in bold

Match   Home Player Club   Away Player Club Venue
1   Tom Duck Scarborough NC v Alan Wright Hessle Driffield
2   Andy Lockwood Hessle v Leigh Gawley Hornsea Beverley
3   Ben Rozenbroek Hull v Jon Samuel Hull Hessle
4   Ben Borman Hessle v Steve Lynch Boothferry Brough

3rd Round

Winners are in bold

Match   Home Player Club   Away Player Club
1   Alan Wright Hessle 7&6 Dan Swales Cottingham
2   Ben Borman Hessle W/O Scott Jackson Burstwick
3   Jon Samuel Hull 1 Up Ricky Boniface Hull
4   Jim Coldwell Beverley 2 & 1 Andy Lockwood Hessle
5   Brian Drake Hessle Conc. Leigh Gawley Hornsea
6   Tom Duck Ganton 2&1 Lewis Hunt Burstwick
7   Chris Ingle The KP 2&1 Ben Rozenbroek Hull
8   Steve Lynch Boothferry 4&2 Jack Maxey Hornsea

2nd Round

Winners are in bold

Match   Home Player Club   Away Player Club
1   Matthew Fairey The KP 1 Up Ricky Boniface Hull
2   Alan Wright Hessle 5&4 Dan Gibson Boothferry
3   Leigh Gawley Hornsea 4&3 Kristian Smith Springhead
4   Tom Duck Ganton W/O Neil Burnley Beverley
5   Scott Jackson Burstwick 2 Up Chris Berry Beverley
6   Dave Cockerham Ganstead W/O Ben Rozenbroek Hull
7   Jon Samuel Hull W/O Nick Raybould Bridlington
8   Dan Swales Cottingham 1 Up Daryl Tate Brid Links
9   Chris Ingle The KP 5&4 Dan Digby Hessle
10   Brian Drake Hessle 3&2 Steve Sorrenson Burstwick
11   Ashley Pheasant The KP 4&3 Ben Borman Hessle
12   Charlie Milner Hull 1 Up Jack Maxey Hornsea
13   Andy Lockwood Hessle 6&5 Gary England Springhead
14   Steve Lynch Boothferry 8&7 Simon Boddy Scarborough NC
15   Lewis Hunt Burstwick 4&2 David Tarbotton Hull
16   Keith Williamson Hessle 4&3 Jim Coldwell Beverley

1st Round

Winners are in Bold

Match   Home Player Club   Away Player Club
1   Chris Wilson Ganstead 19th Ben Rozenbroek Hull
2   Eddie Pearson Hessle 19th Leigh Gawley Hornsea
3   Jack Maxey Hornsea 3&2 Andy Woodhead Hessle
4   Steve Lynch Boothferry 2&1 Chris Daddy Hull
5   Martin Osbourne Hull 1Up Dan Gibson Boothferry
6   Will Brown Beverley 3&2 Simon Boddy Scarborough NC
7   Dan Swales Cottingham 19th Theo Blake Beverley
8   Matthew Fairey The KP 19th Andy Webster Ganton
9   Ioan Pearce Brough Con. Dan Digby Hessle
10   Chris Berry Beverley Con. John Holmes Beverley
11   Daryl Tate Brid Links Con. Iain Goldie Beverley
12   Lewis Hunt Burstwick 6&5 Shaun Neill Cottingham
13   Neil Burnley Beverley 3&2 Chris Clarkson Brough
14   Tom Duck Ganton Con. Connor Eyles Ganstead
15   Kristian Smith Springhead 7&6 Rees Brown Hornsea
16   Ricky Boniface Hull Con. Ady Rosindale Ganstead
Byes   Ben Borman Hessle   Charlie Milner Hull
    Dave Cockerham Ganstead   Ashley Pheasant The KP
    Jim Coldwell Beverley   Nick Raybould Bridlington
    Brian Drake Hessle   Jon Samuel Hull
    Chris England Springhead   Steve Sorrenson Burstwick
    Chris Ingle The KP   David Tarbotton Hull
    Scott Jackson Burstwick   Keith Williamson Hessle
    Andy Lockwood Hessle   Alan Wright Hessle