ERUGC Men's Matchplay

2016 Final Report

The final of the East Riding Matchplay Championship was played at Ganton on a day when conditions were perfect. The sun shone all day with just enough breeze to keep the competitors on their guard.


The 36 hole match was played between two East Riding stalwarts, Jon Samuel of the Hull Golf Club and Andy Lockwood of the Hessle Golf Club. Both players had met in the final on a previous occasion when Jon was the victor by 2 holes. This was Andy Lockwood’s’ fifth appearance in the Matchplay final and on all previous occasions he had finished the runner up.



The first round began rather tentatively with Lockwood getting the better of the early holes, he birdied the par 5 sixth hole and Samuel dropping shots at the 1st and 7th holes Lockwood found himself with a three-hole lead. A good birdie 4 on the 9th saw Samuel pull the match back to 2 holes. The following three holes were halved in par and when Samuel pulled his 13th tee shot into the deep rough on the left he looked to be in trouble but a sensible short iron to get his ball back into play gave him a chance to hit the green in 3, his 150 yard shot left him some 20 foot left of the hole. In the meantime Lockwood had hit the fairway from the tee and his second shot was just short of the green, his chip shot left him 20 foot short of the pin. It was just Samuel to putt first and an excellent putt gave him a birdie 4 leaving Lockwood to hole his for the half which he failed to do. The 14th saw further problems for Lockwood when he found a greenside bunker from which he found another bunker and when he failed to hole his fourth shot Samuel had brought the match back to level. Lockwood regained the lead when Samuel lost his ball in the gorse on the 16th but on the 18th the game was back to level when Lockwood failed to get his par 4.


The second round began in a similar fashion to the first round when Lockwood’s par 4 at the first was good enough to win the hole but on the 4th hole he surrendered his lead when a par 4 for Samuel was good enough to win the hole. Two excellent tee shots on the short par 3 fifth hole rewarded both players with birdie 2’s. Lockwood followed this with an eagle 3 on the 6th when he holed a 50 foot putt from the back fringe of the green, this moved him back into a 1 hole lead. On the 8th Samuel pushed his drive into the trees and he had to take a penalty drop which led to another hole being lost but a birdie 4 on the 9th hole saw Samuel reduce the deficit back to one hole. An excellent sand save on the 10th saw Samuel hang on for a half. Halves in par followed at the 11th and 12th holes but when Samuel birdies the par 5 13th for the second time the match was back to all square.


An excellent tee shot on the 14th by Lockwood gave him another birdie chance which he took to put him back in the lead and when Samuel failed to get his par down the 15th Lockwood had a commanding 2 hole lead. A scrappy 16th by both players, saw the hole halved in 5’s.


When Lockwood found the bunker on the par 4 17th Samuel had a chance to progress the match and when he holed a good six footer for his birdie the match was going all the way.


Both players were well placed with their tee shots on the 18th. Samuels’ second shot was long leaving him some 100 foot from the flag. Lockwood’s’ second shot was much closer leaving him with a much easier putt of 25 foot which he put near enough the hole for Samuel to concede the match.


It was an excellent match fought in good spirit by both players.



At the Presentation ceremony following the game, the President of the ERUGC, Howard Palmer, thanked the Ganton Club Captain, Bill MacKay for hosting the event. Mr. Mackay then presented the Matchplay salver to Andy Lockwood.

2016 Semi-Final Report

Semi Final #1 - Match between Andy Lockwood (Hessle) and Andy Woodhead (Brough)


The Kirk-Ella course was in superb condition when the two stalwarts of the East Riding Union met to contest their semi-final match.


The opening holes saw Andy Woodhead in control of his game tee to green game with Andy Lockwood putting well to save. Typical was the 1st where Lockwood holed a testy 10 footer leaving Woodhead a 5 footer for the hole which he missed. On the 2nd hole Woodhead boomed a drive over 350 yards but left himself a tricky long putt after his lob wedge which he failed to convert. Lockwood had bunkered his second shot to the second but managed to get down in four with another great putt. The 3rd was again halved in regulation fours. The fourth hole saw Lockwood take the lead with a par when Woodhead failed to make the par 3 green. This loss was compounded on the 5th by Woodhead when he found the trees down the left hand side, again a par 4 for Lockwood was enough to give him a 2-hole advantage. The 6th saw Woodhead’s driving cost him a further hole when he found tree trouble and he failed to match Lockwood’s par. The 7th saw Lookwood’s wayward drive right go O.O.B. so Woodhead’s par was enough to reduce the deficit to 2 holes. The 8th was halved in 3’s. On the 9th Woodhead hit another monstrous drive leaving him only 130 yards to this 463 yard hole and when Lockwood missed the green left and failed to get his par Woodhead had clawed back another hole to reduce the deficit to one at the turn.


The 10 was halved in par 4’s. On the 11th Lockwood made a straight forward par 4 but Woodhead found the right hand green side bunker and unfortunately failed to sink a 6 foot putt to save par. Another monstrous drive, well over 350 yards, on the 505 yard par 5 12th hole by Woodhead saw him hit a lob wedge to within 15 foot for an easy birdie to reduce to deficit back to 1. Both players hit good irons to within 12 foot on the short par 3 13th. Lockwood’s putter again served him well and a birdie 2 saw him move back into a two hole lead. The tricky 14th hole saw both players in trouble and ended in a bogey 5 half. Woodhead holed a good 6 foot putt on the 15th to halve the hole in par. On the 16th Lockwood uncharacteristically blocked his tee shot leaving Woodhead two putt from 20 foot to reduce Lockwood’s lead back to 1 hole. The 17th saw another booming drive from Woodhead, his second safely found the green where Lockwood missed and failed to make par. The match was back to all square on the 18th Tee.


Lockwood found the fairway with his drive but Woodhead pushed his tee shot out right. Woodhead managed to somehow get his second to the left front edge of the green and when Lockwood’s wedge into the 18th green went to the back of the green some 50 foot from the pin the odds were on Woodhead but Lockwood’s magic putter came to his aid and he managed to get down in two putts for a par 4. Woodhead unfortunately 3 putted the last from the fringe so making Lockwood the victor by one hole.


It was an excellent match fought in good spirit by two of the East Riding's senior players.


Semi Final #2 - Match between Simon Boddy (Scarborough NC) and Jon Samuel (Hull)


Semi-final match played at Driffield Golf Club on Friday 12th August 2016 between Simon Boddy (Scarborough N.C. G.C.) and Jon Samuel (Hull G.C.).


The excellently prepared course at Driffield was in superb condition when two previous winners of the East Riding Union Match-play Championship met to contest their semi-final match. The conditions proved to be very testy for both players with a strong and gusting westerly wind prevailing throughout the game.


Scarborough North Cliffs left hander, Simon Boddy took the lead at the long par four first when Samuel failed to hole-out for his par. The 2nd hole proved unfortunate for Boddy when he found his drive lodged at the base a tree leaving him no option but to play backwards, this resulting in a bogey five against Samuel’s par brought the game back to level. The 3rd hole swung the match back in Boddy’s favour which he secured with a solid par four. The fourth hole saw both players hit 350 plus yard drives and then hitting the green with their seconds. Samuel, who had the shorter putt left it agonisingly short, so hole halved. On the 5th hole Boddy failed to find the green in two and Samuel’s par four was good enough to win the hole and when Boddy failed to find the green on the par three sixth, his one hole lead was now a deficit of one.


The seventh hole again saw two 300 yard plus drives with Samuel unlucky to find himself in the greenside bunker, however his next shot to within seven foot and his consequent putt for a birdie saw him take a two hole lead. Although both players missed the fairway on the tricky short par four eighth the both managed to find the green with their seconds with Samuel some 15 foot from the hole. Boddy two putted for his par and Samuel again left his birdie chance agonisingly short, so another hole halved. The long par five ninth saw both players blocked by trees on opposite sides of the fairway, Samuel bunkered his second and left his third short of the green whilst Boddy had pulled his second shot wide of the green. Both players managed to get their par fives leaving the match score at the halfway stage two holes in Samuel’s favour.


The 195 yard par three 10th hole saw both players miss the green left with Samuel finding his ball in a water hazard. Boddy successfully maneuvered his ball between trees and Samuel, following a penalty drop, got his third shot onto the green. When Boddy failed to hole his par putt Samuel had a tricky seven footer to secured a half which he did. The 11th saw Samuel find water again and his subsequent bogey six reduced his lead to just one hole. The strong wind continued to challenge the players down the 12th hole with Samuel deep in the trees to the left, his escape shot then found a bunker short of the green. In the meantime Boddy had found the 12th green in two, he proceeded to hole out in four which brought the match back to all square.


On the thirteenth they matched shot for shot and halved the hole in fours. On the 14th Boddy’s errant tee shot found him bunkered to the right and when Samuel holed his eighteen foot birdie chance the match swung back in Samuel’s favour. On the 15th, the shortest of Driffiled’s par three holes, both players found the green. Samuel increased his lead to two holes when Boddy three putted for the first time. On the short but demanding par four 16th Samuel hit a perfect tee shot leaving him a clear shot to the green whereas Boddy unfortunately had further tree trouble to the left. Although Boddy did manage to get his third shot to within eight foot of the hole to give himself an outside chance of going up the 17th but when he missed it the game was over with Jon Samuel being the victor by three and two.


Congratulations to both players for the excellent and gamesmanlike spirit in which the match was played

2016 Semi-Final Fixtures

The first named player plays the match at his Home Club.

The responsibility for arranging and playing their matches lies with both players.

To be played by Sunday 14th August. (Winners in bold)

Match   Player Club   Away Player Club Venue
1   A. Woodhead Brough v A. Lockwood Hessle Hull
2   S. Boddy Scarb. NC v J. Samuel Hull Driffield

2016 4th Round Fixtures

(Winners in bold)

Match   Home Player Club   Away Player Club
1   A. Wright Hessle v A. Woodhead Brough
2   S. Boddy Scarb. NC v L. Gawley Hornsea
3   A. Lockwood Hessle v N. Burnley Beverley
4   J. Samuel Hull v D. Cockerham Ganstead

2016 3rd Round Fixtures

(Winners in bold)

Match   Home Player Club   Away Player Club
1   S. Boddy Scarb. NC v T. Duck Scarb. NC
2   A. Woodhead Brough v C. Clarkson Bridlington
3   L. Gawley Hornsea v M. Osbourne Cottingham
4   D. Cockerham Ganstead v D. Tarbotton Hull
5   I. Pearce Brough v A. Lockwood Hessle
6   A. Wright Hessle v B. Borman Cottingham
7   J. Samuel Hull v B. Rozenbroek Hull
8   N. Burnley Beverley v D. Freeborough Driffield

2016 2nd Round Fixtures

(Winners in bold)

Match   Home Player Club   Away Player Club
1   J. Samuel Hull v D. Gibson Boothferry
2   J. Allenby Hessle v A. Wright Hessle
3   D. Cockerham Ganstead v M. Tyson Scarb. NC
4   A. Pheasant The KP v A. Woodhead Brough
5   B. Borman Cottingham v N. Gordon Hessle
6   M. Osbourne Cottingham v R. Brown Hornsea
7   N. Raybould Beverley v A. Lockwood Hessle
8   R. Boniface Hull v S. Boddy Scarb. NC
9   M. Taylor Burstwick v L. Gawley Hornsea
10   B. Rozenbroek Hull v A. Mackinnon Burstwick
11   N. Burnley Beverley v E. Gott Cave Castle
12   D. Tarbotton Hull v S. Lynch Boothferry
13   I. Pearce Brough v A. Greetham Hessle
14   T. Duck Scarb. NC v L. Blanchard Hessle
15   J. Thorpe Boothferry v D. Freeborough Driffield
16   C. Clarkson Brid. Links v E. Pearson Hessle

2016 1st Round Fixtures

(Winners in bold)

Match   Home Player Club   Away Player Club
1   M. Osbourne Cottingham 3&2 Ryan Gray Driffield
2   E. Gott Hessle 2 Up James Halford Cottingham
3   J. Tarbotton Hull 7&6 J. Allenby Hessle
4   G. Parker Driffield 1 Up A. Greetham Hessle
5   H. Howarth Bridlington 3&2 J. Samuel Hull
6   A. Lockwood Hessle 5&4 W. Webster Cottingham
7   M. Taylor Burstwick 3&2 J. Pearce Brough
8   M. Tyson Scarb. NC 22nd B. Drake Hessle
9   A. Mackinnon Burstwick 2 Up C. Eyles Ganstead
10   E. Pearson Hessle 6&5 R. Hornby Hessle
11   R. Brown Hornsea 2&1 K. Williamson Hessle
12   A. Allcock Scarb. NC 3&2 N. Burnley Beverley
13   J. Thorpe Boothferry 2&1 A. Rosindale Hornsea
14   B. Thornham Hull 3&2 B. Borman Cottingham
15   T. Duck Scarb. NC 6&4 J. Dowswell Ganton
Byes   L. Blanchard Hessle   N. Gordon Hessle
    S. Boddy Scarb. NC   S. Lynch Boothferry
    R. Boniface Hull   I. Pearce Brough
    C. Clarkson Brid. Links   A. Pheasant The KP
    D. Cockerham Ganstead   N. Raybould Beverley
    D. Freeborough Driffield   B. Rozenbroek Hull
    L. Gawley Hornsea   D. Tarbotton Hull
    D. Gibson Boothferry   A. Woodhead Brough
    A. Wright Hessle