Junior League Fixtures 2019

See below for the 2019 Junior League Fixtures, good luck to all teams!

  Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 REST
22nd April Brough v Hull Hornsea v Cottingham -


& Scarb NC

6th May Brough v Burstwick Scarb NC v Hornsea



& Hull

27th May Burstwick v Hornsea Brough v Scarb NC -


& Hull

24th June Scarb NC v Burstwick Cottingham v Hull -


& Hornsea

1st July Hull v Hornsea

Burstwick v Cottingham


Scarb NC

& Brough

8th July Scarb NC v Cottingham Burstwick v Hull Hornsea v Brough Beverley
15th July Hull v Scarb NC Beverley v Burstwick Cottingham v Brough Hornsea