Results of the 2017 Team Championship

Hull Golf Club win again!


With the same four players by the the same four shot margin of a year ago on the 70th anniversary of the Union.


How appropriate that Hull GC should retain the Team Championship on exactly the same day of the inaugural meeting of the East Riding Union of Golf Clubs held in the Kirkella Club House in 1947. On a cold overcast day Hull GC turned the heat on from the start!


Leading after the morning rounds by 12 shots from Hessle GC ,one shot further back were Beverley and a further shot behind were Scarborough North Cliff, closely followed by Ganstead, Hornsea and Cottingham.


So it seemed all over bar the shouting? But Hull in the afternoon cooled like the weather and were 12 shots worse than their morning scores with none of Hull team individually improving in the second round.


As with many golfing events the finishing line didn't come too quickly and Hornsea GC made a real fist of it in the afternoon! Coming from sixth place at lunch to second place with a very credible 299 total, beating their morning score by 20 shots, and closing the gap on Hull to just four shots.


There were 11 teams that competed this year after Brough GC unfortunately pulled out only 2 days before.



There has been some suggestion that in future we may follow the Yorkshire Unions policy of having 3 players for team events. To hopefully gain more entries into the event from our 24 member clubs 


Pos. Club Total
1st Hull 614
2nd Hornsea 618
3rd  Hessle 621
4th Beverlery & ER 625
5th Scarborough NC 629
6th Cottingham Parks 634
7th Ganstead Park 649
8th Burstwick Country Golf 667
9th The KP 668
10th Bridlington Links 669
11th Bridlington Belvedere 670
12th Brough WD

Leading Individual Scores

Pos. Name (Club) Round 1 Round 2 Total
1st W. Webster (Cottingham Parks) 73 72 145
2nd  L. Robinson (Hornsea) 76 71 147
3rd L. Blanchard (Hessle) 74 74 148
4th J. Maxey (Burstwick) 76 73 149
5th J. Samuel (Hull) 72 77 149
6th R. Norton (Beverley & ER) 77 73 150
7th D. Digby (Hessle) 75 75 150
8th B. Rozenbroek (Hull) 79 72 151