Starting Times for the Junior Championship at Boothferry Golf Club on Thursday 5th August 2021

See below for the start times for the ERUGC Junior Championship at Boothferry Golf Club on Thursday 5th August 2021.

Time Name Club
8:00 GWP Clark Hull
J. Northgraves Scarborough NC
- -
8.10 J. Sowden Ganton
T. Benson Scarborough NC
W. Storr Hull
8:20 T. Risker Scarborough SC
L. Thorton Hessle
JA Hodgson Hull
8:30 M. Moore Scarborough NC
H. Anderson Hornsea
C. Beck Cottingham
8:40 L. Townhill Springhead
O. Webster Scarborough NC 
T. Ward Burstwick
8:50 B. Beasley Cottingham
A. Anderson Hornsea
H. Mukerjea Hull 
9:00 J. Eastman Cottingham
E. Mackenzie Cottingham 
G. Milner  Brough 
9:10 L. Anderson Hornsea
E. Kuzu Cottingham 
F. Thompson  Hainsworth Park 

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