East Riding men's team suffer narrow defeat at Brough

The sun was shining brightly as the Senior Team took on the Bradford Union at Brough on 5th August. And the East Riding’s prospects also appeared bright in the morning foursomes since, despite the pairing of Matty Raybould & Leigh Gawley struggling to compete against stiff opposition, all the other matches were going in the home team’s favour, making a sizeable lead at lunch a realistic possibility.

Andy Lockwood & Nick Raybould duly delivered a 4&2 victory, shortly followed by Rich Webster & Lewis Hunt, 3&2, who maintained their 100% foursomes record. However, fortunes began to change on the back nine and whilst Lewis Nicholls & Jack Maxey brought home a win by 2&1, the President, Andy Woodhead, playing with host club member Anil Panesar, saw a 2 hole advantage on the 14th tee, overturned to lose by 2&1. In the final match, Rees Brown & Joe Allenby, having been pegged back to all square on the 14th tee, eventually lost on the final green.


To say that the lunchtime scoreline of 6:6 was disappointing would be an understatement but the home team came out strongly for the afternoon singles, with five wins and a half out of the top eight matches. Andy Lockwood and Matty Raybould in the top two matches won by 3&2 and 2&1 respectively but Nick Raybould and Leigh Gawley both lost to even up the scoreline. Commendably, Nick from being 5 down with 7 to play put in a strong fightback, to take his opponent to the 17th green.


Then came strong wins for Lewis Hunt by 6&5 and Joe Allenby by 4&2, to be followed by two final green dramas with Rich Webster coming back from 1 down with two to play to win and Jack Maxey making birdie at the last to secure a half.


That put East Riding on 17 points needing one more win for victory. Unfortunately, it was not forthcoming as Bradford were dominant in all the remaining four matches, winning them all. So at the end of a closely fought contest, played in a good spirit, Bradford was victorious by 19 points to 17.