Starting Times for the Junior Team Championship at Driffield on 31st May 2018

See below for the start times for the ERUGC Junior Team Championship at Driffield Golf Club on Thursday 31st May 2018.

Time  Name CLUB
9:46am O. Beckett (Bridlington)
A. Tidder (Hornsea)
T. Blake Beverley & ER
9:54am W. Marshall Hornsea
G. Davies Scarborough NC
T. Risker Scarborough SC
10:02am W. Storr Hull
L. Bean Cottingham
M. Moore Scarborough NC
10:10am J. Tarbotton Hull
D. Swales Cottingham
T. Duck Scarborough SC
10:18am B. Wright Bridlington
C. Milner Hull
T. Benson Scarborough NC
10:26am J. Rawlinson Cottingham
B. Walker Beverley & ER
J. Northgrave Scarborough NC
10:34am S. Burrows Scarborough SC
S. Blades Beverley & ER
C. Beck Cottingham
10:42am G. Clark Hull
A. Atkinson Pike Hills
T. Littlefield Bef
10:50am H. Westcott Cottingham
L. Townhill Brough
H. Brompton Bridlington
10:58am O. Hatfield Hull
J. Johnson Scarborough SC
J. Eastman Cottingham
11:06am J. Hodgson Hull
M. Brompton Bridlington
L. Gallagher Pike Hills
11:14am L. Tarbotton Hull
T. Rackley Scarborough NC
N. Millett Pike Hills
11:22am H. Powell Pike Hills
L. Lamplough Scarborough NC
- -
11:30am O. Webster Scarborough NC
C. Long Pike Hills
D. McGovern Pike Hills
11:48am L. Smith Pike Hills
B. Staveley Scarborough SC
A. Lewis Pike Hills

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