The Tee Times for the East Riding Union Open Championship

The tee times for the ERU Open Championship are below


Tee Times Player Club
7:30 & 12:20  A. Sanderson Brough
M. Osborne Cottingham Parks
R. Shimwell Hessle
7:40 & 12:30 M. Woodall Brough
J. Woodhead Hessle
B. Borman Cottingham Parks
7:50 & 12:40 A. Boyton Cottingham Parks
A. Woodhead Brough
M. Ombler Ganstead Park
8:00 & 12:50 A. Lockwood Hessle
P. Mayoh Hainsworth Park
C. Ciullo Hull
8:10 & 13:00 C. Clarkson Brough
B. Ratcliffe Hull
L. Blanchard Hessle
8:20 & 13:10 M. Daley Hainsworth Park
L. Bell Hessle
W. Webster Cottingham Parks
8:30 & 13:20 N. Jones Brough
J. Maxey Burstwick
R. Norton Beverley & ER
8:40 & 13:30 R. Boniface Hull
A. Pheasant The KP
W. Hewitt Ganstead Park
8:50 & 13:20 M. Lamb Ganstead Park
A. Wright Hessle
J. Ratcliffe Hull
9:00 & 13:50 T. Hill Ganton
J. Coughlin Bridlington
M. Jessop Hull
9:10 & 14:00 D. Tate Bridlington Links
N. Burnley Beverley & ER
A. Pheasant Hull
9:20 & 14:10 M. Patterson Scarborough NC
A. Panesar Brough
M. Wray Hull
9:30 & 14:20 R. Gray Driffield
M. Raybould Bridlington Links
G. Brown Ganton
9:40 & 14:30 T. Duck Scarborough NC
C. Eyles Ganstead Park
C. Milner Hull
9:50 & 14:40 G. Townhill Brough
F. Kelley Scarborough NC
N. Raybould Bridlington Links
10:00 & 14:40 J. Tarbotton Hull
D. Shepherdson Hull
J. Halford Cottingham Parks
10:10 & 15:00 H. Armitage Hull
D. Freeborough Driffield
J. Giles Brough



Entry is open to members of Clubs affiliated to the East Riding Union with a handicap not exceeding 8 and to Professionals and trainee Professionals registered with The Professional Golfers Association retained by and working at such Clubs.


Players please report to the Tournament Desk to pick up Scorecards, check Local Rules etc


Report to the Starter on 1st Tee five minutes ahead of Start Time.


Please complete your rounds inside 4 hours.


Play well, enjoy your day.



John Freeman ERU Comp Secretary.

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