Tee Times for the Members' Meeting @ Driffield on 5th May 2016

The tee times for the Members' Betterball at Driffield GC on Thursday 5th May are as follows:


ERUGC Members' Meeting @ Driffield, 5th May 2016 £12.50pp
Time   Lead Name   Club
08.00am TBC / Matthew Plunkett   Cave Castle
1 Vacant Plunkett   Cave Castle
  1     Cottingham Park
        Springhead Park
08.09am Vacant      
2 2      
08.18am   Kevin Fitzsimons   Ganstead Park
3       Ganstead Park
        Ganstead Park
        Ganstead Park
08.27am   Jack Hornsby   Withernsea
4       Withernsea
08.36am   Hugh Semple   Withernsea
5   Phil Scott   Withernsea
    Ian McIntosh   Hornsea
    Keith Swann   Hornsea
08.45am   Shaun Megginson   Cottingham Park
6   Howard Hill   Cottingham Park
    Jeff Harrison   Cottingham Park
    Steve Bates   Cottingham Park
08.54am Vacant   for 5/5 Scarborough NC
7 3     Scarborough NC
        Scarborough NC
        Scarborough NC
09.03am   Steve Robinson   Hornsea
8   David Smith   Hornsea
    Norman Broxham   Hornsea
    Alan Johnson   Hornsea
09.12am   Erik Sologub   The KP
9   Paul Palmer   The KP
    Morgan Allen   The KP
    Kevin Cliffe   The KP
09.21am Vacant      
10 4      
09.30am Vacant   for 5/5  
11 5      
09.39am Vacant      
12 6      
09.48am   Brian Southerington   Cottingham Park
13   Simon Wilcock   Cottingham Park
    Dave Adam   Cottingham Park
    Colin Patrick   Cottingham Park
09.57am   Ken Hilton   Cottingham Park
14   Jim O'Brien   Cottingham Park
    Steve Corbett   Cottingham Park
    Ed Smedley   Cottingham Park
10.06am   John Tindall   Cottingham Park
15   Shaun Neil   Cottingham Park
    John Bird   Cottingham Park
    Bernard Wilson   Cottingham Park
10.15am   David Wilson   Cottingham Park
16   Richard Gleghorn   Cottingham Park
    John Sinclair   Cottingham Park
    Bob Sinclair   Cottingham Park
10.24am   Rex Brunsden   Driffield
17   Jack Kelly   Driffield
    Steve Kelly   Driffield
    Graham Wood   Driffield
10.33 am   Ray Patrick   Cottingham Park
18   Roger Baron   Cottingham Park
    Peter Dawson   Cottingham Park
    Steve Bielby   Cottingham Park
10.42am   Robin Lowson   Skidby Lakes
19   Frank Tomlinson   Skidby Lakes
    Steve Drake   Skidby Lakes
    David Ramsden   Skidby Lakes
10.51am   Richard Bird   Cave Castle
20   John Bell   Cave Castle
    Peter Goodwin   Cave Castle
    Alan Sanderson   Cave Castle
11.00am       Hornsea
21       Hornsea
11.09am       Hornsea
22       Hornsea
11.18am       Hornsea
23       Hornsea
11.27am       Hornsea
24       Hornsea
11.36am       Hornsea
25       Hornsea
11.45am   Martin King   Hessle
26       Hessle
11.54am   John Dally   Brough
12.03pm   Clive Fanthorpe   Hull
28   Mark Fanthorpe   Hull
    Colin Hillaby   Cottingham Park
    ANO   Cottingham Park
12.12pm   John Page   Ganstead Park
29   Tony Wilkinson   Ganstead Park
        Ganstead Park
        Ganstead Park
12.21pm Vacant for 5/5   Scarborough NC
30 7     Scarborough NC
        Scarborough NC
        Scarborough NC
12.30pm   Andrew Delgaty   Brough
31   Stuart Delgaty   Brough
12.39pm   Rob Logan   Cottingham Park
32   Carl Fyvie   Cottingham Park
    Bill North   Cottingham Park
    Mike Walls   Cottingham Park
12.48pm   Steve Lidgett   Cave Castle
33   Simon Heard   Cave Castle
    John Gray   Cave Castle
    Ethan Gott   Cave Castle
12.57am   Kit Chapman   Brough
34       Brough
13.06pm   Alan Craig   Hull
35   Edward Clark   Hull
    Colin Heap   Hull
    John Richardson   Hull
13.15pm   Tony Hall   Driffield
36   Nick Bristowe   Ganton
    John Harrison   Ganton
    John Nicholson   Ganton
13.24pm       Driffield
37       Driffield
13.33pm       Driffield
38       Driffield
13.42pm       Driffield
39       Driffield
13.51pm       Driffield
40       Driffield
14.00pm   Brian Brown   Hessle
41   Kev Harness   Hessle
    Graham Collins   Hessle
    Frank Young   Hessle
14.09pm   Paul Rutterford   Hessle
42   Phil Osborne   Beverley
    Nick Russell   Hessle
    Kelly Owen   Hull
14.18pm   Jeff Lambert   Brough
43   John Robinson   Beverley
14.27pm   Derrick Arden   Scarb. North Cliff
44       Scarb. North Cliff
        Scarb. North Cliff
        Scarb. North Cliff
14.36pm   David Underwood   Beverley
45       Beverley
14.45pm Vacant ? Steve Johnson   Driffield
46 8 Cottingham - Not for 5/5   Driffield
14.54pm Vacant     Driffield
47 9     Driffield
15.03pm   Phil Lee   Hainsworth Park
48   Martin Young   Hainsworth Park
    Tim Caley   Hainsworth Park
    Steve Rossington   Hainsworth Park
15.12pm   Graham Foley   Driffield
49   Dan Hunt   Driffield
    Alan Phillips   Driffield
    Ted Grantham   Driffield
15.21pm Vacant      
50 11      
15.30pm   John Nesfield   The KP
51   Paul Clark   The KP
    Alister Jozefowicz   The KP
    Matt Richardson   The KP
15.39pm   Mike Cross   Hessle
52   Gregg Morter   Cave Castle
    Dave Harrison   Cave Castle
    Jon Cook   Cave Castle
15.48pm   Jim Crichton   Cottingham Park
53       Cottingham Park
        Cottingham Park
        Cottingham Park

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